NACHTSCHATTEN BDSM/Fetisch Film Festival
NACHTSCHATTEN BDSM/Fetisch Film Festival

Origin Of Hunger

Origin Of Hunger
Country USA Length 3 minutes
Year 2018 Director Ironstone
Language Subtitles
Screenings June 25, 10pm (reservation)
(in section “(S)experiments”) June 27, 10pm (reservation)

Director’s Statement:
“In this film, I explore the Sex- Industrial Complex. I place ‘Pornography’ and ‘Prostitution’ as extremes on a spectrum. In both, women are treated as objects, that sex is something done to them not with them. This is reflected in Prostitution, as women are routinely subjected to objectification as sexual objects to be used for personal pleasure. Intimacy and Humanity are dead in these cultural practices. Pornography contributes to unhealthy sexual standards which are reflected in the real world through the practice of Prostitution.
In Pornography, women are subjected humiliation, pain and abuse. Men are watching this, not women. We reflect what we consume; therefore, these visuals influence how men view women, and how they interact with people on a daily basis. In a nihilistic approach, the work plays with the consequences of this thinking.
The work switches the role of domination and provides visuals of control by a woman over a man.
The work plays with themes of citizenship. The hunger for culture comes from the idea that Pornography and Prostitution keep women out of the cultural dialogue through maintaining a second-class status as an object to be used. Women have always contributed to culture and continue to play key roles in American progress and change. This is not recognized nor is this common because so often women are excluded from the mainstream conversation. Thus, the work exaggerates an eagerness and necessity to contribute to the conversation by using words associated with hunger and starvation.
Lastly, the work plays with themes of mainstream media control over sexuality. The mainstream dialogue consists of worth stemming from sex. Sex is instinctual and primal and the media exploits our animal nature to misdirect our standards of sexuality by promoting overtly sexualized images of men and women that maintain a heteronormative and patriarchal hegemony.
As we enter a highly sexualized era, it is important that we remind ourselves of healthy sexual standards and healthy sexual experiences.”

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