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NACHTSCHATTEN BDSM/Fetisch Film Festival

24/7 – The Passion of Life


24/7 – The Passion of Life
Country Germany Length 115 minutes
Year 2006 Director Roland Reber
Language German Subtitles
Screening June 24, 2014, 8pm


ATTENTION: On June 24, Marina Anna Eich (main actress and producer of “24/7”) and Carolina Hoffmann (main actress in WTP’s new film “ILLUSION”) will be present for a discussion with the audience / Q&A after the film. Don’t miss it!

Eva, daughter of a wealthy hotel owner, destined to take over the family business makes the acquaintance of Maria, a professional dominatrix (also called “Lady Maria”) that works in a BDSM house. As Eva grows curious, then fascinated of Marias bizarre yet somehow attracting world of erotic subjection and freedom, she begins a journey of sexual self-discovery. She wants to know more about sexuality, especially about femdom, feminisation, exhibitionism and the way to find your identity.

A provocative-poetric journey through the realms of sexuality, loneliness and the lustful agony of being and one of the few German BDSM cult movies!



Der wohl erste deutsche Spielfilm, der sich die Mühe macht, SM so zu zeigen, wie es ist. Wobei es allerdings kein reiner SM-Film ist. Sondern ein Film über den Umgang der Gesellschaft mit Sexualität an sich. Ein Film über Religion, Moral und Doppelmoral. (SCHLAGZEILEN)


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