NACHTSCHATTEN BDSM/Fetisch Film Festival
NACHTSCHATTEN BDSM/Fetisch Film Festival

The Program

Here you can find the complete program and the time schedule for the festival from 15th to 18th of June 2017.
You can also download it as a PDF (German only) here.

Jun 15
Jun 16
Jun 17
Jun 18
06:30pm German Kink Fetish Fantasies Fetish Fantasies (Encore) Fetish Short Film Night (Encore)
08:30pm Fetish Short Film Night German Kink (Encore) Sexual Labyrinth (Encore) Petplay – Horse-Being
10:30pm Sexual Labyrinth Dark Circus Sexperiments Sexperiments (Encore)

Most of the films will be screened in their original version/language with English subtitles.
The admission price is 6 Euro per screening.

Thursday, June 15th 2017
06:30pm German Kink (80 min, German with English subtitles)

Four short documentaries by German filmmakers about German with a bit more unconventional fetishes:
Jan Soldat’s “Happy Happy Baby” is a film about the longing of being little again. Cuddling, playing, getting the bottle and good night stories. No fetish, but a way of life.
“Die Figur in mir / The Character Inside Me” by Andreas Boschmann is about Markus, the city’s most popular public pisser. That’s what we learn on his blog where he posts his videos. In these he seems unrestrained and shameless. Yet behind the digital facade we meet a self-conscious and shy man. He claims to play only a character.
In the short documentary “Die Frage: Windelfetisch – keiner darf’s erfahren” we meet Manu. His fetish are diapers – as an “adult baby” he plays with toys, sleeps in a small bed or masturbates with his diaper in hand. He hardly tells anyone about his fetish, as there are too many prejudices around.
Finally, in “Protocols”, again by Jan Soldat, three men talk about their desire of being slaughtered and eaten.

08:30pm Fetish Short Film Night (90 min, various languages)

A new edition of our short film night, presenting interesting and diverse short films from all over the world, presented and commented by festival organizer Tobias Fleischer. A colorful and entertaining mix that shows how different film makers can approach the topics of BDSM and fetish.
Screened films:
Cake (Anne Hu, USA, 10 minutes)
Fesseln für Anfänger (BR PULS/Die Frage, Germany, 15 minutes)
How to give a spanking (Perverted Podcast, USA, 6 minutes)
Tabook (Dario Van Vree, Netherlands, 3 minutes)
Shine (Isabel Faintych, USA, 5 minutes)
Venus (Tor Fruergaard, Denmark, 8 minutes)
You’ve got tail (Danny Tayara, USA, 4 minutes)
Breathtaking (Morgana Muses, Australia, 16 minutes)
Spank you very much (Thomas Florek, USA, 3 minutes)

10:30pm Sexual Labyrinth (90 min, Italian with English subtitles)

A brand-new erotic and blasphemic, provoking and explicit underground film! A wild mixture of sex and horror in the tradition of Italian sexploitation cinema of the 70s and 80s (Fulci, Joe D’Amato, etc.), but also as a postmodern feminist statement.
A young woman is kidnapped and imprisoned as a slave. A dominatrix evokes different erotic episodes in her mind, diving deeper and deeper into a surreal and sexy fetish fantasy world.
The feature film debut by Morgana Mayer had only recently its world premiere in Rome but can now already be seen at our festival!
Don’t miss it!

Friday, June 16th 2017
06:30pm Fetish Fantasies (90 min, various languages)

“It’s all in your head!” – a wild mix of short films that deal with various fetish and BDSM fantasies. Bizarre, surreal, bloody, dreamy, erotic, but also daring and funny – each film is something special!
Screened films:
Erotyk (Joanna Helena Szymańska, Poland, 2 minutes)
Etage X (Francy Fabritz, Germany, 14 minutes)
Trouser Bar (Kristen Bjorn, United Kingdom, 20 minutes)
Nurse me (Kezia Barnett, New Zealand, 12 minutes)
Arnilia Grove (Christophe Streule, United Kingdom, 17 minutes)
Imperial Tranz-Am (Aron Kantor, USA, 12 minutes)
Undercover Mistress (Giulio Ciancamerla, Italy, 13 minutes)
Magnitude (Andy Bydalek, USA, 6 minutes)
Domestic Bliss (Duke, Unnited Kingdom, 3 minutes)

08:30pm German Kink (encore)

see above

10:30pm Dark Circus (90 min, German/English with English subtitles)

An independent underground feature film from Berlin by Julia Ostertag: Johanna lives a boring and uninspired big city life in Berlin. When she loses her job, visions and dark nightmares lead her to a parallel universe of a gothic-fetish scene where she gets under the influence of “The Mistress” and finds a new sexual and emotional home.

Saturday, June 17th 2017
06:30pm Fetish Fantasies (encore)

see above

08:30pm Sexual Labyrinth (encore)

see above

10:30pm Sexperiments (80 min, various languages)

Here you will you a wicked mix of (s)experimental films and the most outrageous submissions. This year the motto is “WTF – What the fuck!?”, so expect some really wild stuff – grotesque, bizarre, artful, creative.
Screened films:
Aspik (Doxytocine & Theo Meow, Germany, 5 minutes)
A Spanking Ode (Tigrotto Animalesque, Italy, 3 minutes)
Slice (Travis Alex, USA, 2 minutes)
House of Air (Brian and Karl, United Kingdom, 4 minutes)
Oiran (Flavio Di Nardo, Italy, 2 minutes)
Leaving the Ghost Boat (Jérôme Clément-Wilz, France, 4 minutes)
Playing Scrabble (Jessie Sparkles, USA, 5 minutes)
Kink (Michaela Renee Osborne aka KayLove, Canada, 3 minutes)
Choke (Nenetl Avril/Mickey Mod, USA, 7 minutes)
Baiser n’aide pas (Marc Blackie, United Kingdom, 8 minutes)
Surf (Tommy Cash, Estonia, 4 minutes)
O mio fiore delicato (Rosario Gallardo, Italy, 11 minutes)
Never Forget (Jonatan Gyllenör, Sweden, 3 minutes)
Redemptio (Flavio Di Nardo, Italy, 2 minutes)
The Fetlife Song (Perverted Podcast, USA, 3 minutes)
Ketchup Mayo (Marc Martin, France, 5 minutes)
Edge (Duke, United Kingdom, 2 minutes)

Sunday, June 18th 2017
06:30pm Fetisch-Kurzfilmnacht (encore)

see above

08:30pm Pet Play – Horse-Being (90 min, French/English with English subtitles)

The closing film is “Être Cheval – Horse-Being” by Jérôme Clément-Wilz:
Karen, a 50 year-old retired teacher and father of one, aims at becoming a horse: he learns pony-play with a Floridian cow-boy, dresses as an equine and practices dressage and sulky with him. Through this quest, he reveals himself on Mankind, gender issues, life, love and Nature. Horse-Being sends a true poetic invitation where life and dream fuse, boundaries dissolve, and beauty emerges.

10:30pm Sexperiments (encore)

see above

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