NACHTSCHATTEN BDSM/Fetisch Film Festival
NACHTSCHATTEN BDSM/Fetisch Film Festival

The Program

Here you can find the program for our Nachtschatten BDSM/Fetisch Film Festival 2020 (Corona edition)!

All screenings will be at the Werkstattkino in Munich. Price is 10 Euros per screening.

Monday, November 16, 8pm: Bear Men
Meterosexual, spornosexual or lumbersexual – who can tell? While fashion, designers, and youth´s constant desire to be different present us with one archtype after another, Gerald Backhaus attempts in his new documentary “Bear-men” to get to the bottom of things – why is strength so coveted? Why do more and more men wear beards today? What is it like being a man? And how do they cope with body hair? [INFO & RESERVATION]

Monday, November 16, 10pm: (S)experiments
Experimental short films with a strong creative-artistic vibe. New experimental way of expression in style and storytelling, far beyond the typical mainstream. [INFO & RESERVATION]

Tuesday, November 17, 8pm: Funny Fetish Flicks
All too often, BDSM and fetish is being portraited as dark, edgy and serious. Today we are showing a whole bunch of new short films that have a more light-hearted and funny approach to these topics, since we all should also have a good laugh sometimes! [INFO & RESERVATION]

Tuesday, November 17, 10pm: Female Ejaculation & Other Mysteries of the Universe
Author and director Julia Ostertag took an investigative autobiographical journey through the partly still undiscovered world of female ejaculation. On her way she met six protagonists from five different countries who have dedicated their work to this topic – in film, literature, performance, activism and sex education. She took part in practical and theoretical workshops in Rome, Berlin and Mexico, she interviewed Annie Sprinkle on Skype and she learned about the female phallus. The film offers new perspectives on female sexuality and a sexpositive political herstory of female pleasure in a diversified collection of archival footage, interviews and documentary material. Viva la Vulva! Supporting film: “Gynecologia Autodefensa” by Julia Ostertag. [INFO & RESERVATION]

Wednesday, November 18, 8pm: Bondage Shorts
Bondage is one of the most common topics associated with BDSM, and because of its often visually appealing aesthetics also very interesing to film makers. In this section, we will screen new short films that approach the subject of bondage in creative or documentary ways. [INFO & RESERVATION]

Wednesday, November 18, 10pm: Surprise Movie
This year we again have a suprise movie that we haven’t shown before at any Nachtschatten event. We will screen a rather unknown movie from the 80s, based on a famous BDSM novel, filmed in Asia, with Germany’s “enfant terrible” in the main role. [INFO & RESERVATION]

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